Nascetta ‘La Regina’ Braida 2021

In dialect, the name of this wine is pronounced by separating the syllables: “Nas-cëtta”. It is an ancient and native vine of the Langhe and Cuneese. Its rediscovery is recent and today a few thousand bottles are produced.


About this wine

The wine fully expresses all the olfactory characteristics of Nascetta, a semi-aromatic grape: citrus fruits, apple, pear, acacia flowers, fresh vegetables, exotic fruit, hay, straw and grapefruit! He is not afraid of time which reveals all its mineral note. In fact, with the evolution the nose evolves towards notes of hydrocarbons and flint and the mouth from fruity to salty. For this reason it has already been compared to the great white wines of the Rhine. A great aperitif, to be combined with raw fish, white meats and fresh cheeses. studies conducted on this vine by the Serra dei Fiori company in collaboration with the Agricultural University of Turin, starting, in particular, on the “Il FIORE” Langhe Bianco wine, a cuvée of Chardonnay and Nascetta.